Announcing a Taiwan-specific Wave of Grants

The Taipei Ethereum Meetup recently hosted Crosslink Taiwan 2019. It was a wonderful event and a perfect opportunity for the Ethereum Foundation’s Ecosystem Support Program (ESP) to provide a Taiwan-specific wave of grants! The recipients are as follows.

🍍 Group 1: Ethereum-based Technical Projects: USD$5,000 awarded to each project

  • Eauth (License: MIT): An OAuth-compatible service based on Ethereum credentials to authenticate users on a website.
  • Ethereum Wallet SDK (License: LGPL-3.0): An SDK enabling Dapps to connect with different wallets.
  • SOLL (License: Apache-2.0): A new compiler for generating Ewasm code from Solidity code.


  • Ironman-Blockchain: New Web3.js and Solidity tutorials for 30 consecutive days!
  • Open teaching materials: Open sourcing the materials for an Ethereum DApp Development course at National Chengchi University (NCCU).

🍍 Free Devcon Ticket Award

This award was designed to recognize long-term contributions made by local community members. Juin Chiu and Kimi Wu have interpreted and translated numerous hard research ideas from English to Mandarin, helping greatly with reducing language barriers and accelerating the spread of Ethereum knowledge. We were delighted to host Juin and Kimi at Devcon in Osaka and to see both of them again in Taipei shortly thereafter.

What’s Next?

One of Ethereum’s superpowers is the independent flourishing that occurs throughout its vast and vibrant ecosystem. Countless local Ethereum communities around the world are a big part of why Ethereum feels simultaneously global and personal for so many people.

Accordingly, the EF is continuously experimenting with ways to support communities around the world. We’re excited to apply what we’ve learned with our recent Korea, Japan, and now Taiwan focused grants programs in order to expand this concept even further.

Thank you to all of the community contributors who help make blockchain knowledge more accessible, thereby facilitating innovation, Ethereum adoption, and sharing Ethereum’s spirit around the world!


Thanks to Ethereum Foundation Special Projects team for the regional logo!
(From the back row, left) Albert (EF), Chang-Wu Chen (Open teaching materials), Vitalik Buterin (EF), Hung-Ying Tai (SOLL), and Ping Chen (Eauth). (From the front row, left) Juin Chiu, Anderson Chen (Ethereum Wallet SDK), and Ailin Liou (Ironman-Blockchain).

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