Development Update #2 –

Hey Ethereum! Here’s the latest update from the team:

Style guide & Design upgrade is getting an upgrade! In January we released a style guide (figma doc) for public comment and feedback, and we’re currently in the process of rolling it out live on the site.

We also published a set of design principles that help guide decisions about the site.

The rollout of the new site design will also include new layouts to existing pages – go check out the changes that are already live, share your feedback, and stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks.

One of the most requested features for has been a page that helps newcomers learn how to join the community.

In January we launched a v1.0 of a Community page, with the goal of giving people an easy way to get involved. The page currently includes lists of popular online communities, upcoming events, a list of meetup groups, and specific suggestions for how people with different backgrounds and skillsets can get involved in the Ethereum community. Thank you to everyone who helped create this page by contributing ideas or content!

Are there any other pages on that you believe should exist? Please let us know!

Studio Simplification

One of the main pieces of feedback we got when we launched the Studio feature on was that the tool was still too complicated. The purpose of Studio is to be the easiest, quickest way to start reading and writing smart contracts on Ethereum.

We’ve now simplified the tool even further, by reducing features and menu options that weren’t necessary for this specialized purpose.

We’d love your help to keep improving it! Check out the open issues to learn how.

What’s next?

We’re nearly finished a full audit of all the Individuals content on the site, with the help of some awesome Ethereum community members. This is going to result in removing and adding content, re-organizing pages, and re-writing some of the existing content.

Next, we will be doing a similar audit of all of the “Developers” content on the site. Are you interested in joining our “Tiger Team” who will do the audit? Apply here!

We’re also continuing with the rollout of the design upgrade, and excited to share new layouts of pages with the community in the coming weeks.

Finally, we just announced our next Community Call, which will be on Wednesday March 25th. Come join and share your ideas or feedback!

Edit 4/3/2020:

Here’s the recording and notes from our Community Call on Wednesday March 25th:

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