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Throughout my career, I’ve experienced it all… well, almost. I’ve had some incredible highs and experienced tremendous lows. I’ve endured through lean times and celebrated moments of prosperity. I’d wager that if you looked back on your career, you could say the same thing. But the one thing I haven’t achieved yet is wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I have money and what most would identify as success. But I’m seeking more. I want all five levels of wealth! Join me as I dig into each of them.

Oftentimes, poor folk measure wealth in terms of money. But as a business owner, I don’t want to settle for being rich. I’ve experienced poverty and I didn’t like that. I am rich, but I don’t want to settle for being rich. I want to be wealthy.

Now, when I say I want to be wealthy, I’m not strictly speaking of money and possessions. Those are certainly characteristics of wealth. Money and possessions are a testimony to the discipline and hard work we’ve put into our careers or activities. But there’s more to wealth than just money. You see, I believe there are five levels of wealth that we can strive for. We will get into each of the five levels, but first, let’s look at the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

The Distinction Between Rich and Wealthy

Let’s start by understanding the distinction between being rich and being wealthy. While being rich implies having a significant amount of money, being wealthy goes beyond that. Wealthy individuals possess five different types of wealth that elude the rich and the poor. As business owners, we shouldn’t settle for just being rich. We should aim for true wealth in all areas of our lives.

The Five Levels of Wealth

So, what are these five levels of wealth that the wealthy possess? Watch the YouTube video to find out!

Have you considered that the successes you’ve enjoyed (no matter how big or small) may only just be scratching the surface of what’s possible? Reach out to our team to learn more about how we could help.

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